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SP Xpress Cargo

Your trusted cargo service provider.

Kuwait's Safetest cargo Company

 Sp Xpress Cargo fastest and safest cargo company in Kuwait, we deliver your personal effects and goods all over the world a fraction of the cost,.,

About us

SP Xpress Cargo is a logistics company that was founded in 2001 by Balasubramani Ramachandran. As the CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Balasubramani Ramachandran has played a crucial role in the growth and development of the company over the years. The company offers a range of logistics services to its clients including transportation, warehousing, and distribution. With a team of experienced professionals, SP Xpress Cargo has been helping businesses across various industries to manage their supply chain and logistics needs. The company has built a reputation for providing reliable and efficient logistics services that help its clients to streamline their operations and reduce costs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and innovation, SP Xpress Cargo has become one of the leading logistics companies in the region.